Ed's Breakfast

As promised, this is the first installment of a new photo series designed to help folks get acquainted with Ed.  He is a puzzlement, even to those of us who know him well.  Our ultimate goal is to discover how he knows the stuff he knows, and what really makes him tick. If, indeed, we are what what we eat, examining Ed's intake at the most important meal of the day may be the key to this mysterious man.  These photos have been  taken surreptitiously with a tiny camera we carry on tours to capture his daily activities. Of course, we have no idea what he eats for breakfast at home.  Nobody does.
03/07/04  Parker, AZ
02/16/04  Grand Rapids, MI
02/14/04  Ashland, OH
09/29/03  Lexington, KY
08/16/03  Carson City, NV
07/26/03  Winters, CA
06/30/03  Grayson, KY

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